Thank you for visiting my site. On this page I tell you a bit about myself and my business and business practices.

Mary Newberry Editorial Services is a sole proprietorship, within an extended community of colleagues. I am active in professional organizations for editors and for indexers.

Since 2000, after completing a BA in political science and literary studies and an MA in English and many years running my own and other people’s businesses, I have worked full time as a freelance editor, indexer, and teacher. My early passion was dancing, and it’s the self-discipline I learned then that is probably my greatest indirect asset now.

My work is in the humanities, on academic, government, literary, creative arts and general interest texts and, lately, in memoir. My clients are individuals as well as publishers, governments and institutions. I have a long-term relationship with social justice and diversity and enjoy working in those arenas.

Scholarly editing is one of my specialties, as a copy editor and for substantive and stylistic work. I enjoy complex materials, helping to bring clarity and concision to emerging ideas. I often work with scholars for whom English is an additional language. (I only work on material for publication, not texts that are to be marked.) 

About half of my time is spent indexing for books and online. I teach indexing in a course I developed for the Ryerson’s Publishing Program.  In 2016, I won the Ewart-Daveluy Award for excellence in indexing.


"Gratitude to Mary Newberry for being such a brilliant editor for the structure and content, helping turn my Frankenstein mess into something that was eminently more readable and coherent."
— Shakil Choudhury, Deep Diversity: Overcoming Us vs. Them (Between the Lines 2015)