Compiling a useful and elegant index requires, first, close and careful reading, and then what seems to me to be an unexpected combination of craft, good judgment, determination, attention to detail and an eye for the big picture, informed intuition as to what the audience will be seeking, a busy mind that sees connections, and the ability to budget time. To my great surprise, I have this peculiar combination.

To put it simply, I look at the indexes and see great minds at work on a great work. I’m grateful to everyone who was involved with the project and particularly to the thorough and thoughtful indexers who worked so hard and so quickly to help this report’s information reach as many people as possible.

Terms of Use: Negotiating the Jungle of the Intellectual Commons by Eva Hemmungs Wirtén “holds up well under scrutiny: The Table of Contents dazzles with its simplicity, the index with solidity ... [The book] is beautiful; it is elegant, and it is augmented with a delightful back-of-the-book index [by Mary Newberry] that is easy to manoeuvre and is quite comprehensive."
                                         — Canadian Law Library Review 34, no. 4 (2009): 199


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